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Review of Happy Herbivore’s “Light and Lean”

The Happy Herbivore, a.k.a. Lindsay S. Nixon, has truly  made her footprint in the plant-based recipe world. With several cookbooks and a huge following (over 150,000 Happy Herbivore cookbooks sold and more than 72,000 Facebook followers as of today!), Nixon is at the forefront of all things “herbie.” Her latest cookbook, “Happy Herbivore Light & … Continue reading

Spice it Up!

Spice it Up!

When you’re a super busy person on a vegan diet, sometimes you need a few shortcuts. If you’re like me, though you wish it could be, not every night can consist of a ginormous spread of farm-fresh vegetables, washed, cut, and baked to perfection. Not every night can yield freshly-baked breads and homemade sauces. Sigh…someday, … Continue reading